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RESPOC public deliverables

You can find below RESPOC public deliverables: Deliverable 1.1 Market and regulatory survey results and report on system specifications Deliverable 7.1 Ethical clearance Deliverable 8.3 Dissemination video deliverable-7_2_RESPOC system usability and performance

Maastricht held the last RESPOC General Meeting

Last 27th-28th of July, RESPOC held its final project meeting at PATHOFINDER facilities in Maastricht (The Nederlands), two years and a half after it began. During the meeting, each member of the consortium presented the results achieved in the  project and  the consortium discussed different business models and agreed an exploitation agreement for launching the platform to the market.

Watch RESPOC promotional video!

The RESPOC partners have created a  promotional videoclip explaining the results of the project. RESPOC platform can help professional users to better control respiratory infection pathogens reducing misdiagnoses and the spread of antimicrobial resistance resulting from an excessive prescription of antibiotics. Watch the video and see how RESPOC works!

Respoc partners meets at Barcelona for the M24 General Meeting

On 14th january 2016,RESPOC holds its 24 Month project meeting at the ATEKNEA premises in Barcelona (Spain), two years after it began. During the meeting, each member of the consortium presentes the results achieved in the RESPOC project.  The consortium is going to discuss the different business models and agree an exploitation agreement for launching the protoype to the market.

The Consortium meets in Derby (UK) for the M19 meeting

On June 25th and 26th 2015, a General Meeting of the RESPOC team took place at SURESCREEN’s headquarters in Morley (UK). During the meeting all the work done so far was explained and next steps were discussed in order to move forward in the assay, cartridge and device development. The project faces a crucial stage since the system is close to being fully assembled, and the validation stage is approaching.

Meeting to the REA

The RESPOC team met in Brussels, headquarter of the European Commission (EU) to talk about the progress of the project. The 15M Technical Meeting was held on the 11th of February in order to present and discuss the latest improvements in the RESPOC technology; and on the 12th of February, the team presented their progress to the Research Executive Agency (REA). In there it was presented the technical progress done in the first 12 months of the project, as well as all dissemination activities carried out and the initial plans agreed by the SME in order to exploit the future RESPOC device[...]

Florence held the RESPOC 12M General Meeting

NTL hosted the M12 General Meeting of RESPOC, which was assisted by all partners. Last 27th and 28th November 2014 was held in Florence (IT) the 12M General Meeting of the project. The city known as the "cradle of the Renaissance", witnessed the progress done so far by the RTDs. In that sense, latest results in sample treatment were explained, followed by a discussion on the cartridge design and requirements for the development of the instrument modules. Last but not least, the first sketches of the reader integrating all the elements were showed in order to start working in its design. [...]

The RESPOC team met in Freiburg, Germany

Almost all RESPOC players met in Freiburg (Germany), in the HSG-IMIT facilities, despite some difficulties in the journey, in order to talk about the project progress. During the 2 days event, the consortium focussed on the specifications of the RESPOC platform, discussed the first technological results and started to talk about the exploitation strategy as well as how to disseminate the RESPOC technology in the most effective way.  

RESPOC in HORIZON magazine

HORIZON, the EU Research & Innovation Magazine, includes in his Healt section an article about whooping cough. In there, it is explained the current concern about the spread of Bordetella pertussis bacteria, and the actual limitation of the existing vaccines. The author also focus in the early diagnosis of the infection. And this is where RESPOC technology is aiming to help, since will provide a reliable detection method that would help giving a proper treatment. Read it in: